Sectors and applications

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  • Medizinische Silikontastatur | Tastatur für Krankenhaus
  • Medizintastatur
  • Wasserdichte, hygienische Tastatur aus Silikon
  • Medizinische Tastatur für maximale Hygiene
  • Labortastatur aus Silikon

Fields of application

Wash­able key­boards and mice are used in areas where germs and pathogens pose a poten­tial risk. These range from recep­tion desks in a hotel to the inten­sive care ward at a hos­pi­tal. The aim of our prod­ucts is to pro­vide the great­est pos­si­ble pro­tec­tion against infec­tions for patients, con­sumers, cus­tomers and per­son­nel. Because of the prod­ucts’ vari­ety, they are suit­able for use in almost any area where clean­li­ness plays an impor­tant role.


  • in open-plan offices
  • at high­ly fre­quent­ed work­places
  • at the com­pa­ny recep­tion

At Home

  • at every clean desk
  • for hygiene con­scious peo­ple
  • in your home­of­fice

Medical Office

  • in the recep­tion area
  • in the con­sult­ing room
  • in the treat­ment room


  • in the ward room
  • in the area of patient admis­sion
  • in inten­sive care units


  • in haema­tol­ogy
  • in micro­bi­ol­o­gy
  • in the cell cul­ture lab­o­ra­to­ry

Food Production

  • in the field of bev­er­age pro­duc­tion
  • in the pro­duc­tion of dairy prod­ucts
  • in the pro­cess­ing of fruit & veg­eta­bles
  • Home and office envi­ron­ments
  • Food and drink pro­duc­tion or pro­cess­ing
  • Lab­o­ra­to­ries and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal equip­ment
  • Nurs­ing homes
  • Hos­pi­tals, rang­ing from oper­at­ing the­atres to patient admis­sion areas