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The GETT®SAFE pro­tec­tive screen effec­tive­ly pro­tects per­son­nel and cus­tomers from the direct trans­mis­sion of droplet infections.

Size: L 500 x 348mm (width x height)

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A life-threat­en­ing infec­tion is trans­mit­ted by tiny droplets or aerosols that are present in the air. These pathogens are released into the air when peo­ple speak, cough and sneeze.

The GETT®SAFE pro­tec­tive screen helps pro­tect peo­ple from infec­tion at all pub­lic spaces where they direct­ly come into con­tact with each oth­er. It is suit­able for any sales, ser­vice or infor­ma­tion point.

  • Pro­tects impor­tant areas from droplet infections
  • Sta­tion­ary full pro­tec­tion as a counter unit or can be suspended
  • Safe and sta­ble design
  • Avail­able sizes: XL (500 x 700mm) and L (500 x 348 mm)
  • Ful­ly trans­par­ent thanks to crys­­tal-clear pro­tec­tive glass
  • Sim­ple to clean and dis­in­fect with one wipe
  • Pro­tec­tive screen with­stands 70% iso­propyl alco­hol with­out any problems
  • the colours can vary
  • Datasheet pro­tec­tive screen L

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