Silicone mouse with IEC60601-1–2 certificate

GCQ silicone mouse with antimicrobial properties and ergonomic design

This silicone mouse (TKH-MOUSE-GCQ-MED-AM-SCROLL-LASER-IP68-WHITE-USB) has a ergonomic design and convinces with a pleasant tactile feel and the highest degree of protection (IP68). It can therefore be cleaned and disinfected all around. A Nano-Silver-Additive activates its surface against germs and bacteria. The mouse is a product of the GCQ series from GETT.

The all-rounder - silicone mouse

This silicone mouse is a true all-rounder: an antimicrobial surface counteracts germs and bacteria. At the same time, the mouse can be operated ergonomically and, thanks to silicone surface, is perfectly suited for applications with high hygiene requirements.

IP68 Silicone mouse - waterproof & dustproof

The silicone mouse has IP68 protection. This means that this mouse is completely waterproof and dustproof. This allows perfect cleaning under running water or even by immersion in liquids. The supplied silicone protection plug for the USB port ensures that the cable is not damaged. This mouse supports your hygiene management.

  • Antimicrobial silicone mouse with click-scroll
  • Fully water and dust proof
  • Comfortable use
  • USB plug with protection cap equipped
  • IEC60601-1-2 certified
  • Easy cleaning with conventional detergents and water possible
  • A robust construction and the use of high-quality materials ensure a long service life.
  • Certified medical product according to EN60601-1-2

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