InduProof Smart Compact

InduProof® Smart Compact - sanitizable keyboard for use in cramped working environments

Induproof Smart Compact - space-saving dimensions & maximum of hygiene

The InduProof Smart Compact is a convincing product because of its compact dimensions, its pleasant sense of touch and the very high degree of protection that it provides. The keyboard is therefore suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive situations where there is little space available. It is possible to completely clean and disinfect the unit. As part of the InduProof brand family, it is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards. Customisation is also possible, even if you only require a small number of items.

In addition to the statutory warranty of two years, you receive a four-year guarantee on electric function.

Ideally suited for use in medical areas

The keyboard of the InduProof® family was tested for its disinfectability by an independent test laboratory, with the result that it is good to very good sanitizable. It is recommended to use alcohol-based disinfectants.

Due to the waterproof design, the keyboard can be completely immersed in cleaning or sanitizing solution. Disinfection can also be carried out by simply spraying the surface. The keyboard is therefore ideally suited for use in hygienically sensitive areas (e.g. medicine, pharmaceutical and food production). This is confirmed by the hygiene certificate issued for this keyboard.

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  • Dust and waterproof keyboard
  • Can be completely sanitized
  • Soft typing through silicone switching elements
  • Good basic quality and cost-effective
  • Individual modifications on demand
  • ergonomic - soft typing, even with gloves.
  • KeyLock-function: The triggering of keys can be blocked by this function. The keyboard can be cleaned during operation.
  • Flat key caps allow thorough cleaning & disinfection.

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