Indu­Mou­se® Pro: Sili­co­ne-hygie­ne-mou­se working on glass sur­faces

Waterproof and dustproof silicone mouse for use in hygiene-sensitive environments

The InduMouse® Pro - The Waterproof All-Rounder

The latest product from GETT is the InduMouse® Pro. Thanks to a special sensor, it also works on surfaces where traditional mice cannot function – for example, on glass, acrylic or steel. There is no need for any underlay either. The benefits are obvious: You have a hygienic mouse that can be used anywhere where other mice malfunction – and without any kind of underlay.

However, the InduMouse® Pro can do even more than that: Its high IP68 protection class enables you to thoroughly clean and disinfect the unit. A nano-silver additive in the silicone shell offers additional protection to ensure that no germs settle on the mouse. It therefore plays an active role in preventing the spread of pathogens and maintains a high degree of hygiene protection.

A great companion for everyday medical situations

The InduMouse® Pro has an ergonomic design, is a convincing product with its pleasant sense of touch and has an integrated scroll bar. This mouse is a real all-rounder for everyday medical situations with its high degree of operating comfort and its high level of resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals.

As a recognized industry solution, it is suitable for use in almost all hygiene-sensitive areas like hospitals, medical practices, laboratories or companies operating in the food industry. It is a very durable product thanks to its high-quality, “Made in Germany” workmanship. The InduMouse® Pro is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards at the company’s business site in Treuen.

The InduMouse® Pro complies with the latest EMC guidelines of EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4. If you are interested, you can obtain the corresponding EMC protocol by request via our Channel Managers.


  • Can be used in many different situations: The mouse can be operated on glass and other transparent surfaces without an underlay.
  • Symmetrical outward shape: Thanks to its elegant form, the InduMouse can be easily operated by both left-handed and right-handed people without making them tired.
  • The surface has a nano-silver additive: Additional protection through the active destruction of the cell nuclei of germs.
  • IP68 protection class: The mouse is waterproof and dustproof and can therefore be cleaned quickly, simply and thoroughly.
  • USB protective cover: Protects the connector from any splashing water during the cleaning process.
  • Individual adjustments: If required, there are various options available to adapt the InduMouse® Pro to your needs.
  • A four-year warranty: Alongside the statutory guarantee of two years, you obtain a four-year warranty on the unit’s technical, operational reliability.

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