Plastic mouse with antimicrobial surface

Hygienic plastic mouse for the medical sector

This mouse is easy and thorough to clean due to its water and dust resistance and is therefore ideally suited for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, laboratories or pharmaceutical companies.

One easy handling and problem-free application make this mouse favorable in every office. Also in the medical environment this mouse is the ideal companion. The antimicrobial surface actively helps to prevent the spread of pathogens. The coating makes it difficult for microbes to adhere to the surface of this mouse. With this hygiene mouse you improve your hygiene management considerably and help actively with the avoidance of infections.

GETT - Certified Quality: GCQ

Under the GCQ brand, we offer hygiene-sensitive keyboards and mice, which we purchase from our sister company GETT ASIA. GCQ stands for "GETT - Certified Quality". These are products which GETT ASIA has manufactured by other original manufacturers and which are subject to a strict quality control process. With GCQ products we are able to offer standard keyboards and mice with special features. They complement our own products and help to complete our product range.

  • Antimicrobial surface: Its surface actively reduces the growth of germs and bacteria.
  • IP68 rated: The mouse is completely water- and dustproof which allows easy, fast and profoundly cleaning.
  • Ergonomic design: Its design allows a symptom-free and pleasant operation.
  • Scroll function: The scroll wheel makes it easy to navigate through page content.
  • Improved hygiene management through antibacterial surface & easy cleaning.
  • Longevity thanks to strict quality regulations during production

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