GETT®SAFE Protective Screen | Sneeze Guard

Set up or suspend – protect yourself and others! NEW​!

Reliable protective equipment is essential whenever there is an epidemic or pandemic. The GETT®SAFE protective screen effectively protects personnel and customers from the direct transmission of droplet infections.​

A life-threatening infection is transmitted by tiny droplets or aerosols that are present in the air. These pathogens are released into the air when people speak, cough and sneeze. ​

The GETT®SAFE protective screen helps protect people from infection at all public spaces where they directly come into contact with each other. It is suitable for any sales, service or information point. ​

The right size for any application!​

The protective screen, also known as a sneeze guard, is available in two different sizes. It is self-supporting, can be installed quickly and does not need any laborious assembly work. The sneeze guard can also be suspended thanks to its pre-drilled holes. ​

It all started with a face shield…​

GETT has cleared production space to make a GETT®SAFE face shield during the corona pandemic! The company managers became aware of a video produced by Sächsisches Klinikum in Görlitz; the head of the emergency department there uses the video to provide step-by-step instructions for manufacturing protective visors. It was made available on social media. ​

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase personal protective equipment around the globe, the managers want to help protect medical workers and others from the dangerous virus.

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  • Protects important areas from droplet infections​
  • Stationary full protection as a counter unit or can be suspended
  • ​ Safe and stable design
  • Available sizes: 500 x 700mm, 500 x 350 mm
  • Fully transparent thanks to crystal-clear protective glass
  • Simple to clean and disinfect with one wipe​
  • Protective screen withstands 70% isopropyl alcohol without any problems

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