Full size capacitive panel mount glass keyboard with glass surface, numeric keypad & integrated touch-pad


This glass keyboard is designed for installation in design-oriented and hygiene-sensitive environments. It can be easily integrated into panels made of metal, plastic or wood by gluing it in. The use of three millimetre hardened white glass makes it robust and durable. Its completely flat surface can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The keyboard has a complete alphanumeric key set with integrated touchpad.

As part of the InduSense brand family, it is manufactured under the highest quality criteria. Individualisation is possible from the application of a logo to the free design of the graphical user interface.

  • Operating surface made of glass
  • Comfortable system integration through gluing
  • Integrated touch-pad
  • Special buttons for locking keys, sensitivity and volume
  • Extensive individualisation possible

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without protection plate
without protection plate