Ergo­no­mic Indu­Mou­se

InduMouse - The sanitizable PC mouse with ergonomic shape

The InduMouse has an ergonomic design and is a convincing product thanks to its pleasant sense of touch and the very high degree of protection that it provides. As a recognised sector solution, it is suitable for use in almost any hygiene-sensitive area. It is possible to completely clean and disinfect the unit. It has a long serviceable life as a result of its high-quality workmanship – after all it is “Made in Germany”.
The InduMouse is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards. Customisation is also possible, even if you only require a small number of items. We offer an additional guarantee of four years on this product.

  • Robust full silicone mouse with laser detection
  • Complete cleanable and sanitizable
  • Can be even immersed into detergents
  • Closed housing with integrated scroll keys
  • Modifications on demand

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