Cleantype® Prime Touch+

A desktop silicone keyboard with a touch pad and suitable for medical use

Are you looking for an “all-in-one” solution?
The Cleantype® Prime Touch+ offers more than its rivals – more features, more innovations, more protection!

The Cleantype® Prime Touch+ (TKG-109-GCQ-PR-TOUCH-KGEH-WHITE-IP68-MAG-BACKL) helps create a hygienic working environment. Its surface is waterproof and dustproof and can therefore be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The keyboard also impresses users with special product features. It can be attached to magnetic surfaces in a flexible way and is suitable for darkened environments where space is cramped thanks to its incremental lighting function and its slim design. Thanks to the touch pad, there is no need to use an additional mouse. It provides the writing comfort of an office keyboard.


The Cleantype® Prime Touch+ verifiably meets the latest EMC Directives in EN 606-1-1-2 Edition 4.​
It is important, particularly in medical environments like doctors’ practices and clinics, that medical engineering products are protected against any malfunctioning or breakdowns caused by electric emissions. Conversely, electrical devices may not negatively affect their environment by emitting electromagnetic waves. The EN-60601-1-2 European product standard therefore calls for “electromagnetic interference immunity” in medical products. This not only protects the devices, but can also save lives in an emergency.

As a result, the Cleantype® Prime Pro+ offers double protection – both against the fatal consequences of a lack of hospital hygiene and emission interference.


The Cleantype® Prime Touch+ forms part of our GCQ portfolio. We use the GCQ brand to offer hygiene-sensitive keyboards and mice that we purchase from our affiliated corporation, GETT ASIA. GCQ stands for "GETT - Certified Quality". This involves products that GETT ASIA has had manufactured by other OEMs and we then subject the units to a strict quality control process. We are able to offer standard keyboards and mice with special features through our GCQ products. They complement our own products and help complete our range.

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  • Integrated capacitive touch pad
  • Flexible mounting using magnets
  • Five-stage lighting function
  • Suitable for touch-typing
  • Cleaning possible without unintentionally triggering keys by activating a keylock button
  • “Made in Germany” innovation and engineering
  • EMC according to EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4
  • The keyboard meets IP68 protection rating thanks to its fully enclosed silicone surface.
  • A shortened USB connection cable with a protective cap: the keyboard can simply be unplugged from the PC for cleaning. A USB extension cable is also supplied.
  • Other country layouts available on request

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