Cleantype® Easy Protect — in Scandinavian Layout

Cleantype® Easy Protect

High quality hygienic silicone keyboard

The CleanType® Easy Protect is a high-quality silicone keyboard that is easy to clean thanks to its water and dust resistance, making it ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, medical practices, laboratories or pharmaceutical companies.

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You can individualize your CleanType® Easy Protect in line with your wishes by having your own company logo printed on it and therefore integrating it perfectly into your current corporate identity. In addition we can equip this keyboard with any existing country layout. We are able to do this even if you only require a small number of items.

GETT - Certified Quality

With the Brand GCQ we offer hygienic keyboards and mice, which are supplied from our sister company GETT ASIA. GCQ stands for “GETT — Certified Quality”. This refers to products that GETT ASIA manages with other original manufacturers and which passes a strict quality control process. With GCQ products we are able to offer standard keyboards and mice with special features. They complement our assortment.

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  • IP68 rated: The keyboard is completely water- and dustproof which allows easy, fast and profoundly cleaning.
  • Keylock function: To avoid miss-usage during the cleaning process you can disable the buttons of the keyboard by hitting the keylock button.
  • Shortened USB cable with protection cap: For cleaning, the keyboard can simply be unplugged from the PC. A USB extension cable is included.

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