Capacitive Keyboard Cleankeys® CK4W Wireless

The easy-to-clean glass keyboard

The perfect keyboard for hospitals

The new wireless glass keyboard CK4W of the brand Cleankeys® is a perfect combination of elegant design, operating comfort and a high level of hygiene.

Cleankeys® stands for designer keyboards with a touch surface made of glass. They are therefore the perfect solution for discerning users, who place importance on design, cleanliness and a high degree of usefulness. Our CK4W is particularly suitable for hygiene sensitive areas like hospitals, doctor's offices and labs.

Costumisation options for the Cleankeys®  keyboard

We are offering plenty of options to customize the Cleankeys® CK4W capacitive touch keyboard according to your individual request. With your logo on it or an individual layout design you get an unique keyboard which integrates perfectly into your exisiting corporate design.

Besides the language versions we are already offering, we are able to provide the Cleankeys® CK4W keyboard with every exisiting language layout. This allows our keyboards to be used all over the world.

The Cleankeys® CK4W complies with the latest EMC guidelines of EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4.

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  • The complete flat and closed Gorilla® glass surface with the protection degree IP65 allows for a fast and wet cleaning with an easy swipe. This maintains a high hygiene level.
  • To avoid misusage during the cleaning process you can disable the buttons of the glass keyboard by hitting the keylock button.
  • Maintenance of a high hygiene level is secured by a status LED which reminds the user to clean the glass keyboard´s surface after every 10,000 touches.
  • In addition to the statutory warranty of two years, you receive a four-year guarantee on electric function.
  • The capacitive keys are a long lasting technology which guarantees a long life time and a high reliability. The small amount of force needed to push a button and the ergonomic design makes it perfectly usable for people with health problems with their fingers or wrists.
  • By hitting the sensitivity key you can adjust the release treshold to your individual needs for 100 % typing comfort.
  • Because of the VESA-mount on the back you are able to integrate the keyboard in a standardized system.
  • The state of charge is displayed in eight levels on the LED bar which reduces the chance of a downtime.

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