Infection Proof Keyboards

Our INFECTION PROOF key­boards ful­ly meet the strict require­ments of hygiene-sen­si­tive areas. It is pos­si­ble to thor­ough­ly clean and dis­in­fect them and pre­vent infec­tions acquired at work­places. The key­boards are designed for use in oper­at­ing the­atres, hos­pi­tal wards, lab­o­ra­to­ries, treat­ment rooms, food man­u­fac­tur­ing plants or the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal indus­try. You will find a list of fea­tures below, which char­ac­ter­ize a real INFECTION PROOF key­board.

  • Ful­ly wash­able with all com­mon deter­gents
  • Can be ful­ly dis­in­fect­ed with all com­mon agents
  • Sol­id design for long-last­ing use (even in tough set­tings)
  • Water­proof and com­plete­ly sub­mersible
  • Smooth and non-porous sur­face (pre­vents germs set­tling)
  • Com­fort­able typ­ing even with gloves
  • Stand-by func­tion for clean­ing while oper­at­ing
  • Flat keys to ensure thor­ough wip­ing
  • Can be UV-dis­in­fect­ed with­out any dis­col­oration

Our Infection Proof keyboards

InduProof Smart Touch

InduProof® Smart Touch — Clean­able sil­i­cone key­board with touch­pad for med­ical envi­ron­ment

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InduProof Smart Compact

InduProof® Smart Com­pact — san­i­ti­z­able key­board for use in cramped work­ing envi­ron­ments

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InduProof Smart Classic

InduProof® Smart Clas­sic — Clean­able sil­i­cone key­board
for med­ical envi­ron­ment

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