“Infection Proof”

Our INFECTION PROOF keyboards fully meet the strict requirements of hygiene-sensitive areas. It is possible to thoroughly clean and disinfect them and prevent infections acquired at workplaces. The keyboards are designed for use in operating theatres, hospital wards, laboratories, treatment rooms, food manufacturing plants or the pharmaceutical industry. You will find a list of features below, which characterize a real INFECTION PROOF keyboard.

  • Fully washable with all common detergents
  • Can be fully disinfected with all common agents
  • Anti-microbial surface
  • Solid design for long-lasting use (even in tough settings)
  • Waterproof and completely submersible
  • Smooth and non-porous surface (prevents germs settling)
  • Comfortable typing even with gloves
  • Stand-by function for cleaning while operating
  • Flat keys to ensure thorough wiping
  • Can be UV-disinfected without any discoloration