InduSense® is our brand for capac­i­tive oper­at­ing solu­tions. The spec­trum ranges from indi­vid­ual capac­i­tive but­tons to com­plete oper­at­ing pan­els on a “touch” basis. As part of the InduKey brand fam­i­ly, the items rep­re­sent top qual­i­ty and tech­ni­cal excel­lence. All the prod­ucts and solu­tions with­in this brand are devel­oped and man­u­fac­tured at our com­pa­ny head­quar­ters. In addi­tion to indi­vid­u­al­ly designed solu­tions, we offer stan­dard capac­i­tive key­boards, which are ready for use and insertion.

The brand’s word­ing con­sists of “Indu”, which uni­ver­sal­ly stands for “indus­try” or “indus­tri­al”, like all the ini­tial syl­la­bles with­in the brand fam­i­ly; “Sense” sig­ni­fies the degree of phys­i­cal sen­si­tiv­i­ty. “Sense” here refers to the easy, gen­tle touch of a (glass) sur­face in order to trig­ger a sig­nal. This applies to both capac­i­tive keys and capac­i­tive touch screens.

Capac­i­tive oper­at­ing solu­tions are cur­rent­ly one of the fastest grow­ing data input tech­nolo­gies. Dri­ven by touch-based user inter­faces on mobile con­sumer ter­mi­nals, they are also increas­ing­ly find­ing their way into com­mer­cial, med­ical and indus­tri­al appli­ca­tions. We have been fol­low­ing this trend for many years and are there­fore able to meet the demands of our cus­tomers in terms of both devel­op­ment and production.

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