The modern input solution for hygienic environments

  • InduSense OR Touch keyboard with glass surface
  • InduSense OR touch glass keyboard layout
  • InduSense OR touch tray and USB hub
  • InduSense OR touch rear side view
  • InduSense OR Touch keyboard


The InduSense®OR-Touch puts the final touch­es to any RIS, HIS and PACS work­place in oper­at­ing rooms. The retractable input solu­tion can be eas­i­ly inte­grat­ed in exist­ing oper­at­ing room wall ter­mi­nals from the rear and has an addi­tion­al stor­age area for your mouse, smart­phone and documents.

The smooth glass sur­face of the InduSense®OR-Touch ensures that it is easy to clean and dis­in­fect quick­ly with just one wipe. The key­board can be oper­at­ed with pro­tec­tive gloves made of latex or sil­i­cone and has sev­er­al help­ful prod­uct fea­tures too.

Five Features that distinguish our InduSense®OR-Touch:

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Create brand recognition and produce your own InduSense®OR-Touch

There are no lim­its to your cre­ativ­i­ty when indi­vid­u­al­iz­ing your InduSense®OR-Touch. We can pro­duce this input solu­tion in line with your cor­po­rate iden­ti­ty so that you can com­mu­ni­cate your company’s image to the world.

You deter­mine the degree of individualization!

Rang­ing from pri­vate label­ing to even pro­duc­ing var­i­ous coun­try and key­board lay­outs and a wide vari­ety of design mod­i­fi­ca­tions for the glass surface.



Recommended accessories:

Indu­Mouse® Pro

Get hold of and test our new inno­v­a­tive Indu­Mouse® Pro! It oper­ates smooth­ly on any surface.


The Indu­Mouse® Pro has an ergonom­ic design and is a con­vinc­ing prod­uct thanks to its pleas­ant sense of touch and the very high degree of pro­tec­tion that it pro­vides. As a recog­nised sec­tor solu­tion, it is suit­able for use in almost any hygiene sen­si­tive area. It is pos­si­ble to com­plete­ly clean and dis­in­fect the unit.

Dis­cov­er the Indu­Mouse® Pro here!

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