Indi­vi­dua­li­za­ti­on and Pri­va­te Label Key­boards

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Ser­vices offe­red:

App­ly the logo of your choice

We app­ly your desi­red logo at your desi­red posi­ti­on on your desi­red pro­duct in your desi­red colour.

Indi­vi­du­al colours

You would like to have your key­board deli­ve­r­ed in a spe­ci­fic colour? The glass key­board should be prin­ted with a spe­ci­fic design / motif / image? You want to print the key lay­out in a spe­ci­fic color? No pro­blem! Just send us your inqui­ry.

Spe­ci­fic coun­try lay­outs

On request, our key­boards are also avail­ab­le in other coun­try lay­outs than tho­se indi­ca­ted.

Cus­to­mi­zed key func­tions

The keys on your key­board can be equip­ped with spe­cial func­tions or addi­tio­nal func­tions on demand.


Our sales team offers all pos­si­bi­li­ties of indi­vi­du­al adjust­ments to you wit­hout obli­ga­ti­on and crea­tes sui­ta­ble con­cepts for you.

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Jana Stan­dar 
Head of Busi­ness Unit Chan­nel Pro­duc­ts

Mul­ti­ple Modi­fi­ca­ti­on Opti­ons to Meet Custo­mer Requests

We do offer a lar­ge num­ber of opti­ons for indi­vi­dua­li­zing our key­boards in line with your wis­hes. In order to keep the costs and pro­ces­sing peri­od as low as pos­si­ble for you, our modi­fi­ca­ti­ons are based on exis­ting pro­duc­ts and the­re­fo­re do not have to be new­ly deve­lo­ped like cus­to­mi­zed items.

Here is a selec­tion of our modi­fi­ca­ti­on opti­ons that are used by many custo­mers: 

Indi­vi­du­al design and lay­out for your key­board

You can indi­vi­dua­li­ze your key­board in line with your wis­hes by having your own com­pa­ny logo prin­ted on it or by visual­ly chan­ging the lay­out of the key­board and the­re­fo­re inte­gra­ting it per­fec­t­ly into your cur­rent cor­po­ra­te iden­ti­ty. The­re are almost no limits to indi­vi­du­al visi­ons. This indi­vi­dua­li­za­ti­on of a key­board is in prac­tice extre­me­ly sui­ta­ble as a uni­que dis­tin­guis­hing fea­ture. Your pro­duct then beco­mes unmistaka­ble and ori­gi­nal.

To enab­le our key­boards to be used by peop­le from all over the world, we can equip them with any exis­ting coun­try lay­out.

Mem­bra­ne key­board with an anti­mi­cro­bi­al sur­face

Key­boards are an ide­al bree­ding ground for bac­te­ria and germs. This gives rise to poten­ti­al risk situa­ti­ons for medi­cal or other hygie­ne-sen­si­ti­ve are­as like ope­ra­ting thea­ters in hos­pi­tals, labo­ra­to­ries or food pro­duc­tion equip­ment. Key­boards the­re­fo­re need spe­cial pro­per­ties for use the­re. Our mem­bra­ne key­boards can be equip­ped with an anti­mi­cro­bi­al sur­face to restrict the deve­lop­ment of bac­te­ria and germs. The­se key­boards are also dust-pro­of and splash-pro­of and can the­re­fo­re be tho­rough­ly clea­ned with gre­at ease.

Our sili­co­ne key­boards can be equip­ped with an anti­mi­cro­bi­al sur­face that inhi­bits the growth of germs and micro­bes. In addi­ti­on, most of the­se key­boards are at least pro­tec­ted against dust and splash water and can the­re­fo­re be clea­ned easi­ly and tho­rough­ly.

Short USB cable and modi­fi­ca­ti­on of the key table

Our port­fo­lio of indi­vi­dua­li­za­ti­on mea­su­res for our stan­dard pro­duc­ts is first­ly sup­ple­men­ted by the oppor­tu­ni­ty of using a shor­ten­ed USB cable. Second­ly, we can offer a modi­fi­ca­ti­on of the key table in line with the HID stan­dard – then various func­tions can be dis­play­ed on the keys. The key­board can then be per­fec­t­ly adap­ted to your indi­vi­du­al needs.

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