Do GETT key­boards have anti-micro­bi­al pro­per­ties?

We pro­vi­de a model with a spe­cial anti-micro­bi­al coa­ting. We use this to cope with a few fields of app­li­ca­ti­on, which face very spe­cial levels of expo­sure to bac­te­ria. Howe­ver, in princip­le, we do not recom­mend any pro­duc­ts with an anti-micro­bi­al sur­face. First­ly, the gene­ral and active effec­tiveness against rele­vant germs is too low. Second­ly, evi­dence has sug­gested that this pro­vi­des an illu­so­ry sen­se of secu­ri­ty and leads to neglect in hygie­ne prac­tices. It is our belief that anti-micro­bi­al sur­faces on their own do not impro­ve hygie­ne levels.