Keyboards — a dangerous zone

keyboard problem

Have you dared to take a clos­er look at your key­board? It is very sim­ple: care­ful­ly remove a key with a biro or a paper clip – and you will be amazed to see what is going on inside…

Key­boards and mice are an ide­al envi­ron­ment for germs and bac­te­ria. This gives rise to poten­tial risk sit­u­a­tions in hygiene-sen­si­tive areas like food pro­duc­tion or the health sec­tor. It there­fore makes great sense to use spe­cial key­boards and mice devel­oped for these areas so that you can achieve the fol­low­ing results:

  • Pro­tect patients and per­son­nel from any pathogens
  • Pro­tect your employees
  • Improve the over­all hygiene situation
  • Pre­vent any noso­co­mi­al sicknesses
  • Guar­an­tee that infec­tions do not spread
  • Clean­li­ness and hygiene at pub­lic infor­ma­tion cen­tres too
  • Reduce patient treat­ment times and down­times by reduc­ing the num­ber of germs

We can pro­vide wash­able key­boards and mice to meet any require­ments. The spec­trum ranges from a water-resis­tant office key­board to a ful­ly enclosed pro­fes­sion­al key­board for use in extreme­ly crit­i­cal hygiene situations.

Reports from a wide range of media under­line the dan­ger that key­boards can pose as a source of contamination

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