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Are you already ‘back in the Office’?

The Coro­na pan­dem­ic may not have brought a lot of good, but it has had one pos­i­tive effect on many peo­ple – mak­ing them more con­sid­er­ate towards both them­selves and others.

We wear mouth-nose masks in pub­lic and in enclosed spaces, we open door han­dles with our elbows, we are care­ful to main­tain an appro­pri­ate min­i­mum dis­tance to our neigh­bors, we wash our hands more often and more thor­ough­ly, we clean the bath­room again and we go out into the fresh air more often.

Every­thing to pro­tect both our­selves and our fel­low human beings.


make yourself comfortable — even at work

But what does it look like in the place where you spend a good 1/3 of your day? Are you just as atten­tive at your work­place too? No?

Then you should change that as a mat­ter of urgency! Even this place has the poten­tial to make you ill.

It starts with the wrong sit­ting posi­tion, body pos­ture, semi-opti­mal light expo­sure and uner­gonom­ic work equipment.

Even opti­mizat­ing small things can have an immense­ly pos­i­tive effect on your workplace.

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take a break

Accord­ing to a study, over 71% of Ger­man employ­ees work dur­ing breaks. That means eat­ing whilst work­ing – if at all.

Sad­ly, this phe­nom­e­non has already become so wide­spread that it has even been giv­en its own name – “Desk­top Din­ing.”

A break, prefer­ably away from the work­place, is essen­tial if you want to stay focused, pro­duc­tive and, above all, healthy.

You can find more tips for a healthy office rou­tine in our White Paper!

hygiene on the workplace

Ger­mans like their homes to be clean and tidy. But what about their workplaces?

Hand on heart, when was the last time you cleaned your key­board or your telephone?

Admit­ted­ly, clean­ing a con­ven­tion­al key­board entails a not incon­sid­er­able amount of work. But when you con­sid­er the fact that there are more bac­te­ria on a key­board than on a toi­let seat, it is even more worth tak­ing the time.

Wash­able key­boards offer a time­sav­ing, clean and above all ergonom­ic alter­na­tive. Their sur­face tex­tures mean they can be cleaned eas­i­ly and effec­tive­ly, and they also put less stress on your wrist joints.

Down­load our free White Paper with effec­tive tips for

a healthy work­ing day!

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