You can signi­fi­cant­ly impro­ve hygie­ne levels at tra­di­tio­nal PC work­sta­tions with the­se pro­duc­ts!


The­se key­boards and mice offer pro­tec­tion from germs and patho­gens in a hygie­nic envi­ron­ment!


The­se key­boards are the first choice in medi­cal are­as with the most strin­gent demands!

Your Bene­fits

  • We ensu­re not­hing goes wrong!
    Our pro­duc­ts have been spe­ci­al­ly deve­lo­ped for the hygie­ne area and offer pro­tec­tion from germs and patho­gens.
  • We offer you the choice!
    Our wide ran­ge allows you to choo­se the right pro­duct for any app­li­ca­ti­on, instal­la­ti­on site and requi­re­ment. 
  • We make your work easier!
    You can work effec­tively using fea­tures and func­tions like ligh­t­ing, hygie­ne con­trol soft­ware or the stand-by clean mode.
  • We pro­vi­de the evi­dence!
    We are con­ti­nu­al­ly per­forming rele­vant tests to deter­mi­ne resis­tan­ce to dis­in­fec­tants or patho­gens.
  • We are com­mit­ted to qua­li­ty!
    100 per­cent is our mot­to: we test all the pro­duc­ts exten­si­ve­ly, in depth and ful­ly.
  • We have the expe­ri­ence!
    You can trust the expe­ri­ence that we have gai­ned from our suc­cess­ful mar­ket pre­sence over the past 20 years – and thousands of satis­fied custo­mers.
  • We keep an eye on ever­ything!
    The high pro­por­ti­on of our own deve­lop­ment and manu­fac­tu­ring work in the pro­duc­ts gua­ran­tees that they are tech­ni­cal­ly reli­able.
  • We satis­fy your indi­vi­du­al requi­re­ments!
    We can hand­le your indi­vi­du­al wis­hes – whe­ther this invol­ves your logo, a shor­ten­ed cable, a dif­fe­rent colour or a coun­try lay­out with spe­cial keys.
  • We are here to help you!
    Our team is hap­py to ans­wer your ques­ti­ons and pro­vi­de exten­si­ve advice on using key­boards in hygie­ne envi­ron­ments.
  • We deli­ver quick­ly and reli­ab­ly!
    You order: we deli­ver! We have almost all our pro­duc­ts in stock, so they are avail­ab­le for you quick­ly.