Your Benefits

  • We ensure nothing goes wrong!
    Our products have been specially developed for the hygiene area and offer protection from germs and pathogens.
  • We offer you the choice!
    Our wide range allows you to choose the right product for any application, installation site and requirement. 
  • We make your work easier!
    You can work effectively using features and functions like lighting, hygiene control software or the stand-by clean mode.
  • We provide the evidence!
    We are continually performing relevant tests to determine resistance to disinfectants or pathogens.
  • We are committed to quality!
    100 percent is our motto: we test all the products extensively, in depth and fully.
  • We have the experience!
    You can trust the experience that we have gained from our successful market presence over the past 20 years – and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • We keep an eye on everything!
    The high proportion of our own development and manufacturing work in the products guarantees that they are technically reliable.
  • We satisfy your individual requirements!
    We can handle your individual wishes – whether this involves your logo, a shortened cable, a different colour or a country layout with special keys.
  • We are here to help you!
    Our team is happy to answer your questions and provide extensive advice on using keyboards in hygiene environments.
  • We deliver quickly and reliably!
    You order: we deliver! We have almost all our products in stock, so they are available for you quickly.